The very first Transport Planning Camp was held on November 7th 2018 at the Open Data Institute in Leeds. For one day, nearly 50 transport planners, technologists, activists, policy makers, and many more talked about...what they wanted to talk about!

The theme for the day was the Transport Needs of Future Generations. And there were no shortage of ideas for sessions. In the end, the ideas were whittled down to 9 sessions, covering everything from predict and provide to equity and safety. 

Our description doesn't do it justice. Needless to say we are doing it all again in 2019. Below you can see pictures from the day, what we produced, some blog links from participants, and a very useful summary of what we actually did.



When will the Transport industry move beyond its own stereotype?


By Anna Rothnie

Reflections on Transport Planning Camp


By Alice Calder

Laura Putt's Report on Transport Planning Camp


By Laura Putt

Musings of a Transport Planner


By Rachelle De Mesa

Organisers' Reflections on TPC


By the organising team

Welcome to the world of TPC


By James Gleave