Welcome to Transport Planning Camp

Transport Planning Camp is an unconference that will bring together transport planners, engineers, technologists, social activists, academics and others interested in the intersection of transport, technology, and our lives.

At an unconference, only the theme and rooms are set up by the organisers. The sessions are suggested and decided upon by attendees on the day. It provides everyone with the opportunity to shape the event, so be prepared to get involved and have some fun!

Sessions can be anything related to the theme. They can be in a variety of formats: workshops, roundtables, pecha kucha. We give you the theme, rooms, tools, and the time, you bring the inspiration.

You don’t even have to prepare anything in advance — you just make a suggestion for a session on the day. So long as it is one people want to take part in, you can do it.

Why transport planning?


Transport directly affects our quality of life, with impacts on social equity, economic growth, and sustainability. New technologies like mobile phones, open source software, and autonomous vehicles gives an opportunity to improve mobility in cities and beyond, but also bring big risks.

Transport Planning Camp will build connections between policy makers, engineers, innovators, and activists. Enabling them to explore the opportunities and risks the future may hold, and to create the solutions for themselves.

Who are we?


We are simply a group of committed transport planners, voluntarily putting in our time to deliver something completely new. Whilst we all have our own day jobs and we are working with a wide variety of groups and people, Transport Planning Camp has no formal affiliation with any group.

You can get into contact with us through the contact page, or join the conversation on our Slack channel.

Join in the conversation

Chat to fellow campers online with the #tpcamp19 hashtag, or sign up to our Slack Channel.